How to make a sick person feel better while travelling?

Nothing can be worse than getting sick on a vacation. Who would like to go on a flight if he is suffering from nausea, shivers, fatigue or an upset stomach? Of course, no one. But in case, any such situation has arisen before you that you have to travel when you are not feeling well, then do follow the tips we have mentioned below.
Such scenarios arise when you have an important meeting and you can’t just cancel your plan at the drop of a hat. Even your long-anticipated family vacation also can’t get ruined due to this single reason. They might cost you big bucks and it would not be definitely cost-effective. But you also can’t afford to make your condition worsen. So do follow these quick, simple and easy tips.

Keep yourself hydrated

If you are a person that does not have 8 glasses of water in a day, then get ready to follow this practice now. Now is the time that you give enough hydration to your system in order to keep yourself fit. When you are sick, there are many factors such as diarrhea, fever, vomiting that cause dehydration. There are numerous ways to intake liquids such as Gatorade, coconut water, Pedialyte. It helps to flush out all the toxins that get accumulated in your blood and also keep all the necessary membranes in working order. Try to have a portable glass water bottle along with you all the time.

Have Vitamin C Supplements

You need to get a healthy dose of Vitamin C in case you have caught some kind of allergy. What role does it play? If you give your body a high intake of vitamin C, it will help to strengthen your defenses as well as give a boost to your immune system. In case you have to board a long flight and go for an extended vacation, stock them up in enough quantity in your medicine box.

Rub Essential Oils

This idea certainly wouldn’t have come to your mind. But trust me it works. Some people swear by it, while some are completely unaware of it. While there is no proven scientific efficacy regarding the usage of essential oils, but it can make you feel better for sure. If you have nausea then either diffuse peppermint oil or put one drop of it in warm water. In case, you are having a problem sleeping, then rub some lavender oil on the back of your ears, it would help you. Massage some oregano oil on the bottom of the feet. It is a nice cure if you have a cold.

Take Enough Rest

The less you rest, the longer it will take you to heal. So it is a must that you at least take 7-8 hours of sleep, especially if you are not feeling well. It must be difficult for some of you due to your super-busy schedule, but you have to do it for your own sake. If you don’t give your body adequate sleep, you will feel tired as it won’t get time to fix what is wrong with you. So you can’t afford to compromise on this part. You will feel energized if you give your body the amount of rest it needs.

Protect yourself from other sick people

This is the part you may neglect at times, but it is a very important one. Go for a face mask if you are comfortable to protect yourself from all the dust, allergens, bacteria and germs. Many people around the world follow this practice, so why not you? Anything for your health, right?

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